40 Story`s: Youth Voices United for Change

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40 Story`s: Youth Voices United for Change by 3C) Creative Children for Charity (3C)

English | Jan 9, 2015 | ISBN: 1613397631 | 114 Pages | EPUB | 15 MB

Youth Voices United for Change!

It’s never too early to begin cultivating future leaders from today’s youth.

40 Story’s integrates visual art and storytelling to help youth explore their core leadership skills. Inspired by the 40 Developmental Assets created by the Search Institute, 40 Story’s helps people strive to become healthier and more caring citizens. This project has brought together over 50 kids and teens to establish a thought provoking book on youth leadership through storytelling.

Participating youth have united to uniquely express these 40 Developmental Assets in their own way, portraying how youth view empowerment, personal power, positive values, and other building blocks of healthy development.

In 40 Story’s, the assets necessary to inspire and encourage the leaders of tomorrow are interwoven in an enjoyable and original way.

“What great lessons for young peopleand elders as well. This amazing book written by young adults contains words for ALL of us to live by and stories that bring to life these lessons. An absolutely delightful read that should be shared with family and community."
~Marty Evans, Former Pres., Amer. Red Cross/ Pres., LPGA/Exec. Dir., Girl Scouts USA/Sup’t US Naval Postgrad. School

The royalties from this book will be donated to help fight hunger and support youth programs around the world.

Download 40 Story`s: Youth Voices United for Change

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