What It Means to Be a Democrat

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George McGovern, "What It Means to Be a Democrat"

English | ISBN: 0399158227 | 2011 | EPUB/MOBI | 256 pages | 153 KB/218 KB

A call to arms by the former presidential candidate that combines personal anecdotes and cultural critiques to remind liberals of their ideological compass and restore confidence.

George McGovern has been a leading figure of the Democratic Party for more than fifty years. From this true liberal comes a thoughtful examination of what being a Democrat really means. McGovern admonishes current Democratic politicians for losing sight of their ideals as they subscribe to an increasingly centrist policy agenda. Applying his wide- ranging knowledge and expertise on issues ranging from military spending to same-sex marriage to educational reform, he stresses the importance of creating policies we can be proud of. Finally, with 2012 looming, McGovern`s What It Means to Be a Democrat offers a vision of the Party`s future in which ideological coherence and courage rule.

Download What It Means to Be a Democrat

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