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Download Romanzo della Rosa. Testo francese antico a fronte
Download Paul`s Visual Piety: The Metamorphosis of the Beholder
Download Martin Heidegger – Essere e tempo
Download Beowulf Unlocked: New Evidence from Lexomic Analysis
Download Literature and Religion in the Later Middle Ages: Philological Studies in Honor of Siegfrid Wenzel by Richard Newhauser
Download Robin Macpherson, “Advanced Written English”
Download New Horizons in Bon Studies (Bon Studies-2) by Samten G. Karmay
Download Altnordische Philologie: Norwegen und Island
Download Visionary Philology: Geoffrey Hill and the Study of Words
Download Historische Grammatik des Griechischen: Laut- u. Formenlehre
Download The Messenger of the Lord in Early Jewish Interpretations of Genesis
Download Let`s Bring Back: The Lost Language Edition
Download The Companion to World Literature
Download From Past to Future: Graßmann`s Work in Context: Graßmann Bicentennial Conference, September 2009
Download Dario Fo – Eloisa
Download Outline of the Historical and Comparative Grammar of Latin
Download Let`s Bring Back: The Lost Language Edition
Download Angels and Angelology in the Middle Ages
Download After the Media: News from the Slow-Fading Twentieth Century
Download Hennig Brinkmann, Mittelalterliche Hermeneutik
Download The Making of the Humanities, vol. III: The Making of the Modern Humanities
Download The Silent Qur`an and the Speaking Qur`an: Scriptural Sources of Islam Between History and Fervor
Download The Transformational-Generative Paradigm and Modern Linguistic Theory
Download History as a Science and the System of the Sciences: Phenomenological Investigations
Download ENGLISH COURSE  Phonetic Symbol Guide  Second Edition (1996)
Download Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature
Download Religion, Narrative and Public Imagination in South Asia: Past and Place in the Sanskrit Mahabharata
Download Preaching Bondage: John Chrysostom and the Discourse of Slavery in Early Christianity
Download Sabbatai Ṣevi: The Mystical Messiah, 1626–1676 (Bollingen, XCIII) (Princeton Classics)
Download Antiquarianism, Language, and Medical Philology: From Early Modern to Modern Sino-Japanese Medical Discourses
Download Empirical Legal Research: A Guidance Book for Lawyers, Legislators and Regulators
Download Hippocratic Recipes: Oral and Written Transmission of Pharmacological Knowledge in Fifth- and Fourth-century Greece
Download Ugo Foscolo – Le grandi opere
Download Thich Nhat Hanh, Vita di Siddhartha il Buddha. Narrata e ricostruita in base ai testi canonici pali e cinesi
Download Alain Badiou, Barbara Cassin, Il n`y a pas de rapport sexuel. Deux leçons sur «L`Etourdit» de Lacan
Download Carlo Dionisotti – Geografia e storia della letteratura italiana
Download Bonaventura Vulcanius, Works and Networks: Bruges 1538 – Leiden 1614